What Clients Say

Mary K. is thorough and detailed. I can highly recommend her bookkeeping services, as her attention to even the smallest details is exceptional.

Anne Holliday,


We've been working with Mary K. for three of the four years we've been in business, and we wish we would have found her that first year! She has unintentionally become the "benchmark" against which we measure all our other business partners - regardless of their service industry. Mary K. is unfailingly positive and helpful and anticipates more than we’ll ever know we might have needed. She gives us total peace of mind in terms of knowing our books and finances are in order. We know that if something’s off, she’ll be the first person to notice it and will most likely have it handled before it comes to our attention. If you’re looking for an exceptional bookkeeper, your search is over.

Justin Jones

Co-Founder, Somersault Innovation

Mary K. is a true business asset. She is professional, accurate, competent and efficient. I strongly recommend her bookkeeping services. 

Don Jeka

National Sales & Marketing Manager

Mary K. is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and extremely reliable. She is a great asset to the Workforce Housing Coalition. 

Ashlee Amenti

Nonprofit Professional

Mary K. has made an immediate positive impact on one of my audit clients. This year’s audit went very smoothly. I greatly appreciate her expertise and the change has been night and day. I have no reservations recommending her services to any of my clients.

Joe Lavigne

Audit Manager, Ouellette & Associates, PA

Mary K. has provided thorough, reliable bookkeeping services to our nonprofit for the past three years. She is professional, detailed, easy to work with and has a fantastic sense of humor!

Julia Dundorf

Executive Director, NE Grassroots Environment Fund

We have been working with Mary K. for over 3 years and she is an integral part of our team. Mary K. is honest, proactive, a delight to work with, strategic and totally "on it"! We literally would not be as successful without her and we are grateful every day that she is part of our company.

Ashley Welch

Co-Founder, Somersault Innovation

I have known Mary K. for nearly 20 years. I can attest to her exceptional bookkeeping skills, and to her mastery of the software of her trade. I can also vouch for Mary K.'s personal ethics. She is one of the most trustworthy and honorable persons I know. 

Kate Supino

Digital Marketer and Freelance Writer, Fresh Content Stream

Mary K., was invaluable during all her years at EPC, a publicly traded energy corporation. Our success was partially due to her diligence and attention to detail.

Andy Livingston

CEO, Environmental Power Corporation