30 Years of Bookkeeping Excellence in New England

Mary K. Doty has spent her career finding more ways to excel. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, Mary K. went on to pursue MBA Studies in Managerial Accounting. Never settling for less, she founded Benchmark-Bookkeeping in 2006. She provides bookkeeping services to clients ranging from sole proprietors, to global enterprises with multiple locations, to publicly traded corporations. 

The Journey

It wouldn't be much of a trip without a good story, right?

Mary K. grew up in the Adirondack Valley of New York state on fifty acres of land where she spent most of her time tormenting her three younger siblings. As a stellar badminton player and expert solver of jigsaw puzzles it was clear that she craved excitement and would not stay long in such a quiet town. Shortly after high school she went to a fourth of July party on a beach in New Hampshire where the fireworks and music convinced her she needed to relocate.

Next Mary K. earned her degree from the University of New Hampshire, and started to climb the corporate ladder. Some years later she landed her ideal job, moved into the corner office and took stock of the view. It was boring! So Mary K. created her own ladder: Benchmark Bookkeeping, where she practices as a soloist and her only co-worker is her dog Clifford.

It’s been ten years since Mary K. left the corporate world, and she still finds joy and excitement as chief cook and bottle washer of her own practice. Her clients are an interesting group and include high tech companies, manufacturing entrepreneurs, and artists. Mary K. is the only one of her immediate family who doesn’t still live on that fifty acres in New York, she makes her home in the thriving metropolis of Barrington, New Hampshire, population 8,691.